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  • Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia. The etiology is unknown and there is no known cure for this devastating progressive neurodegenerative disease. The hippocampus is affected and prevents the patient from forming new memories. The patient often recognizes it but doesn’t want to talk about the “hippo” in the room. With more than 6 million American’s living with Alzheimer’s disease and a projected doubling of that number, nurse practitioners should be knowledgeable about the disease.

    Credits: 1.0 contact hours; 0.33 are pharmacology
  • Pfizer Grant Funded Program

    The overall goal of this program is to deliver targeted educational interventions to (1) improve health outcomes among outpatients with COVID-19 by building skills, knowledge, and competencies of providers that serve them, and (2) address provider knowledge gaps related to Drug-to-Drug Interactions (DDIs) in COVID-19 treatment.

    Credits: 1.0 contact hours; 1.0 are pharmacology

  • This bundle includes 4.75 CE to help any NP student or new NP advance their cardiac assessment and diagnostic skills. This series uses the NPACE augmented reality application to supplement learning in case studies, heart sounds, and heart structures. Presented by Dr. Margaret Bowers, this bundle will help the NP through the basics of EKG interpretation, advanced cardiac assessment, cardiac test ordering and interpretation, and the basics for cardiology in primary care.

    Total Credits: 4.75 contact hours; 0.0 are pharmacology
    Release Date: December 3, 2021

  • This presentation will provide a unique look at the uninsured crisis in America by presenting an overview of the problem, the best practices on how to serve the uninsured patient in need of care today, and then provide various opportunities for nurse practitioners to provide badly needed medical care to the uninsured in their communities.

    Credits: 1.00 contact hours; 0.00 are pharmacology
    Release Date: March 1, 2021
  • The purpose of this presentation is to provide NPs an update on the treatment of patients with HIV. It will include an overview of the issues that have impacted the uptake and use of PrEP, the newest medications available for treatment, and a brief discussion on the impact of the end the epidemic initiatives. This accredited session is made available through support from Gilead Sciences.

    Credits: 1.00 contact hours; 1.00 are pharmacology
  • Parkinson's Disease is a common neurologic disorder. Early recognition and treatment is key to slowing the progressive disability that occurs as a result of decreased dopamine. Primary care providers are key to recognizing signs and symptoms of Parkinson's Disease early.

    Credits: 1.0 contact hours; 0.67 are pharmacology