Featured Program


This featured program will help ensure your NP career is on a strong path.

The Clinical Essentials Intensive Skills Training bundle includes courses that are important not just for new NPs just starting out but any NP looking to refresh and update their key knowledge and skills in a wide range of essential primary care topics.

This comprehensive package includes rich content needed for any practicing clinician and includes contract negotiation, malpractice considerations, ordering and interpreting both radiology and laboratory testing, billing and coding essentials, common diseases seen in primary care, management of obesity and hyperlipidemia, review of cardiac sounds and murmurs, pelvic exam pearls, and using algorithms to care for patients.

In addition to the content, the new NPACE augmented reality technology is used in one of the presentations. NPACE has developed augmented reality (AR) modules in women’s health and cardio-pulmonary medicine to provide a novel approach that immerses the learner fully into the human anatomy, the clinical experience, and problem-solving. 

This is a do-not-miss package that includes key foundational topics to inform your practice