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Non-CE programs provide important product materials, information on new drugs, research, and more. While these programs will not provide continuing education credit, they are extremely valuable in keeping you aware of industry trends and updates. We invite you to participate in our non-CE programs to continue to increase knowledge, improve skills and advance best practices!  

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Is your company interested in coordinating a sponsored non-CE program with NPACE? Choose from a variety of presentation options at NPACE virtual events or utilize NPACE marketing and promotion services to reach your target audience! 

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Free Non-CE Courses

  • Calming the Mind Through the Body

    30-minute Deep Breathing and Movement

    This 30-minute yoga session provides a full-body stretch that focuses on the body, breathing, and mind. By the end of this gentle, calming practice, participants will find their minds are quieter and their bodies and brains feel more flexible.

  • Gentle Yoga to Build Strength

    30-minute Building Strength

    This 30-minute yoga session focuses on building and recognizing our innate strength. The series of slow warrior poses will energize and engage all the muscles of the body, ultimately connecting body, breathing, and brain in a strengthening practice. This video is for those with some foundational yoga experience. 

  • Seated Yoga

    30-minute Seated Therapeutic Class

    This is a seated therapeutic class so there is no need for special yoga clothing or gear. This way of practicing yoga was studied during the early phases of the pandemic in 2020. After eight 1-hour sessions, results indicated statistical significance in reducing four types of symptoms (PTSD, anxiety, depression, insomnia) in health professionals.

    For more about therapeutic yoga with Jay Gupta, please visit, and to learn how to use yoga capsules, please visit  

  • Yoga Flow

    45-minute Yoga Power Flow and Meditation

    Join Certified RYT Yoga Instructor, Kristen Brogan as she takes you through a dynamic Vinyasa flow routine that improves alignment, balance, strength, flexibility and overall well-being. While flowing through a dynamic series of poses, Kristen will help you to incorporate breathing and mindfulness, allowing you to be more present and fully engaged in the movement. From the beginner to the experienced yogi, this class is perfect for any fitness level.

  • Yoga for Low Back Pain

    30-minute Focus on Low Back Pain

    This 30-minute yoga session is for those who suffer from low back pain. It targets the tight muscles of the low back, hips, and hamstrings, guiding the participant through gentle poses that can be done even when in pain, using easy movements that can relieve the pain and increase flexibility to prevent further pain. This gentle session is good for almost all levels and skills of yoga. Bring your loose clothing and water to enjoy relaxing deep breaths and movement to heal your mind and body.