Wellness Bundle

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NPACE believes wellness for nurse practitioners is a priority. This bundle includes not only inspiration, but important tips on how to keep yourself well, empowered, and balanced.

Total Credits: 4.0 contact hours; 1.0 are pharmacology
  • Includes Credits

    This presentation will cover the common issue of burnout and the epidemic of self-induced disease. Importantly, the speaker will discuss a doable strategy on how we can all get on a path of greater well-being by implementing key elements. | 1.00 credits (0.00 pharmacology) | $27.50

  • Includes Credits

    Learn about the effects of stress, causes of burnout, define extreme self-care, and the benefits of being a healthy role model for your patients and yourself. Explore how healthy habits/lifestyle can improve quality of care, pt. care outcomes/safety, clinician/pt quality of life. Learn strategies for prevention of burn-out. Explore how to stop unhealthy habits, how to start new healthy habits including strategies such as habit stacking. | 1.00 credits (0.00 pharmacology) | $27.50

  • Includes Credits

    Compassion fatigue has plagued many caregivers resulting in emotional and physical distress. This presentation will help participants identify personal areas of compassion satisfaction vs. compassion fatigue. We will discuss ways to create positivity and care for ourselves. 1.00 credits (1.00 pharmacology) | $30