Radiology Bundle

This rapid radiology package will help any nurse practitioner better understand when to order certain radiology tests and how to interpret them. This review includes imaging selection, radiology interpretation of chest and abdomen, and of upper and lower extremities.

Total Credits: 3.0 contact hours; 0.0 are pharmacology
Release Date: December 1, 2021
  • Includes Credits

    During this presentation, a systematic process for evaluating and describing upper and lower extremity radiographs will be described. Through reviewing selected upper and lower extremity radiographs, participants will visualize essential anatomic landmarks as well as identify and describe common patterns. | 1.00 credits (0.00 pharmacology) | $25

  • Includes Credits

    Radiographic interpretation continues to be very difficult for providers especially those who are new or changing roles. This course will give you a strong introduction to the understanding and reading of chest X-rays and abdomen series. Multiple digital x-rays will be used to demonstrate normal vs abnormal variants. | 1.00 credits (0.00 pharmacology) | $25

  • Includes Credits

    NPs are faced frequently with ordering radiology tests for multiple reasons. It can feel complicated and overwhelming to make a decision in clinical practice for the right test considering both the cost and what will provide the best answer. Using a case study approach, participants will be able to apply the information presented. | 1.00 credits (0.00 pharmacology) | $25